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Part Of My NECROMONGERS Blood- Internet things become a new world since it’s founded, then Im falling in love to write a clean and elegant code. Below are some my ability and weapon expertise for code.


Part Of My FURYANS blood - Starting from my pleasure in designing, User Interface is my focus with simple and useful experience. below are some my ability and weapon expertise for design.



Javascript, Jquery


PHP, Codeigniter, MySql

Illustrator & Corel Draw

Java, Android

They Say

Finexe, Inc
Baculsoft Technology
Hans and Ben Visual Communication

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Simple Halftones Pattern

Tutorial ini sebenarnya telah dibuat sekitar 5 tahun yang lalu, karena jaman tersebut saya belum menjadi web developer :D, akhirnya saya temukan lagi di lorong2 harddisk eksternal saya.

Lumayan saja buat nambah-nambah ilmu pengetahuan bagi yang ingin membaca.

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Responsive Overlay Toggle Menu

Create Toggle Menu Overlay responsive, in this tutorial Im using Bootstrap for the responsive foundation. Below is the html Tag

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